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Help return the Stuarts to Scotland

The Stuarts ruled Scotland from 1371 until 1688 when the 'Glorious Revolution' forced the reigning monarch James VII (II of England) to flee into exile. Over the next century the Stuarts made several unsuccessful attempts to return to Britain and regain their throne.

This is an opportunity to return the Stuarts to their Scottish roots with an iconic exhibition of rarely seen 18th century portraiture depicting the deposed Stuart Royal family.


Be part of history in the making

This important series of fine portraits have never before been displayed together in the UK and some have never before been exhibited here.

Four generations of the exiled 18th century Stuarts are featured in this unique exhibition. It will be an opportunity for all these rare paintings to be publicly displayed in Scotland for the first time.


Help bring Bonnie Prince Charlie back

Among the portraits featured in the exhibition are fine examples of portraits of Prince Charles Edward Stuart painted at different stages of his life, from a young man to his twilight years.

Bonnie Prince Charlie spent only months in Scotland from July 1745 to September 1746 and never returned. However, his place in Highland history is legendary and the Prince often spoke of his Highland adventure even in old age. You can help bring him back to Lochaber, where his fight to regain his father's throne started, even if it’s in portraiture form!


Receive fantastic limited edition rewards

As a thank you for your donation you can choose from a range of amazing exclusive rewards. Select limited edition jewellery inspired by Ben Nevis, or coasters hand-crafted from 18th century beechwood intimately connected with Jacobite history. Or, opt for a Sir D Y Cameron print, or a bespoke experience when the exhibition launches.


Help us celebrate our centenary

In 2022 we celebrate our 100th birthday. We are already recognised for our world famous Jacobite collection and have acquired a nationally important collection over the last century. Celebrate this important anniversary with us and help us deliver this iconic exhibition.

Every single donation puts us closer to making this exhibition a reality. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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