We’ve reached a quarter of the way, can you help more by sharing?


Help us Bring Bonnie Prince Home

Thank you so much to all our generous donors so far. With your help, we’ve reached just over 25% of our goal towards bringing this iconic exhibition of Royal Stuart 18th century portraiture back to Scotland.

We have just 22 days left to raise the final £18,500 needed, which will give people the opportunity to see these rare and iconic portraits in Scotland one last time before they are permanently loaned to a museum in Europe. If we don’t reach our target, we won’t receive any of the funds, so the race is on! Can you help by donating, or spreading the word?

This exhibition will bring Bonnie Prince Charlie and his family back to Scotland, but we can’t do it without your help!

You can choose from a variety of unique rewards, all created especially for this project. And you’ll be a part of our journey, with regular updates on our progress, from the beginning until we open to the public in August 2022.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far! Please help spread the word and use #ReturnOfTheStuarts on social media!

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