Only two days left! How further funding helps us tell Archie’s story


With only two days left of our Art Happens campaign we want to say a big thank you to all our supporters and donors. This is a challenging time for the arts, and it is heartening to see so much support for Dovecot to tell the story of one of Scotland’s greatest weavers and pop artists, Archie Brennan.

Having reached our original target, we now have the chance to go even further. Archie was well-travelled and spent much of his career teaching and exhibiting abroad, from Papua New Guinea to Australia, and the USA where he spent the last 30 years of his life. As a result, many of his tapestries are in international collections.

Irreplaceable artworks cannot be safely shipped by regular post; to bring these tapestries together we need to work with specialist art handlers to pack the works safely, check them carefully, manage their transport, and make sure they are in the best condition for display. Once the exhibition is over, we then have to send everything back again – it soon adds up! The more we can raise, the more tapestries we can seek out to make the best exhibition possible.

Help us go even further by sharing our campaign page, and don’t forget that the amazing rewards are only available for two more days too!

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