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Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign so far. We’re amazed that we have already reached over half of our target – but there’s still a way to go.

For Dovecot’s Art Happens campaign, fashion and textile designer Beca Lipscombe with graphic design studio HIT have created a poster and sticker set inspired by Archie Brennan’s work. Beyond the incredibly stylish imagery, there is a story of evocative memory behind this reward. Beca fills us in:

Archie Brennan was director of Dovecot Studios when he employed my mother, Elizabeth Radcliffe, straight out of school on the recommendation of her art teacher. Archie, and Dovecot, opened my mother’s eyes to art and design and the world of printing and tapestry weaving. Accordingly, he has also had a huge impact upon me.

My father lived in the south of England when I was growing up in Edinburgh. For school holidays my brother and I would travel to see him via Edinburgh Airport and I can remember the tapestry Airport (People Waiting) by Archie hanging on the wall. Commissioned by British Airport Authority in 1977, it hung in the smoking area, a sign of the times.

I would look at the three central protagonists of this monumental tapestry and wish that I looked like them. In all honesty I don’t recall noticing the peripheral male figures in the tapestry at the time. As an adult nothing has really changed – I still marvel at the timelessness of the demigoddesses depicted in Airport (People Waiting) and wish I could join them on their travels.

- Beca Lipscombe

Elizabeth Radcliffe at Edinburgh College of Art studying tapestry 1976


For those who didn’t see Airport (People Waiting) in situ, this poster captures the glamourous women in their full waiting-room glory. The tapestry Airport (People Waiting) is missing, and was last seen in BAA’s Edinburgh offices circa 2012. If anyone has information about the tapestry, please contact Dovecot Studios.


For this set of five stickers, Beca reproduced Airport (People Waiting) as she remembered it at the age of eight, with an accompanying atmospheric fine spray from an atomizer of perhaps Madame Gres’ Chabouchard. Forever learning about Archie’s oeuvre, Beca was charmed to discover that a sticker inspired by his tapestry Old School Tie, 1971 is in fact the tie of her old primary school that Archie’s daughters also attended.

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Exclusive A2 poster and A5 sticker set designed by Beca Lipscombe of Atelier E.B and HIT, inspired by the work of Archie Brennan.  
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