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Join specialist Dr Melanie Gibson as she takes you on a journey of exploration and celebration sharing her passion for tiles.

Across four online sessions, participants to this course will develop and deepen their knowledge and understanding of early Islamic tiles, the tiles of Iznik, Damascus and Iran, and tiles created in the 19th century by English companies and makers including William de Morgan.

Each week includes an in-focus spotlight which looks in detail at tiles in Leighton House, such as the lively and animated storytelling of the fishing panel and the enigmatic grace of the Isfahan tiles.

Capacity for this course is limited to guarantee all attendees have full interaction with Dr Gibson.

Week 1: Introduction
Monday 11 October 2-4.30pm


A survey of tiles in architecture across the world

Spotlight on early Islamic tiles

Week 2: Tiles of Iznik and Damascus
Monday 18 October 2-4.30pm

Tiles in Istanbul

Tiles in Damascus

Spotlight on the fishing panel in the Arab Hall

Week 3: Tiles of Iran
Monday 25 October 2-4.30pm

Lustre tiles of the Mongol period

Tiles in Safavid Isfahan

Spotlight on the Isfahan tile in the Arab Hall

Week 4: The tiles of the Arab Hall
Monday 1 November 2-4.30pm

‘Persian’ tiles made by English tile companies in the 19th century

The Arab Hall

Spotlight on William de Morgan

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