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Japanese woodblock printing is a beautiful, non-toxic art-form, which relies on using watercolour, glue and hand burnishing to transfer an image to specially dampened paper. Brangwyn was an amazing watercolourist, and Urushibara was able to make his images into prints because Japanese woodblock printing allows for similar washes of delicate colour and watery depth.

Over the two days, you will learn how to ink and print from some pre-carved blocks, and then develop and carve and print multi-coloured images of your own.

The workshop will start with a short presentation on Brangwyn and Urushibara and what it means to create a Japanese woodblock print. There will be a video showing elements of how to print, with footage in real time and slowed down four times with pointers to help guide how the technique is mastered. After watching a live printing demonstration you will be able to practice printing some pre-carved blocks, using all the different brushes for ink, water and glue.

Once you’ve got a feeling of what it is like to print from wood with all these new materials and tools, in the afternoon you will then learn how to use the carving knives. By the end of the first day you will have designed and started carving a small block of your own. Carving will finish on the second morning, and the afternoon will be a chance to print your new creations!

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