Looking Back: Marlene Dumas, The Image as Burden at Tate Modern

Published 25 March 2021

Russell Tovey explores the hypnotic paintings of leading portrait artist Marlene Dumas, whose intense works include reimagined images of some of the world’s most famous faces.

Known for her powerful and psychologically charged portraits, Marlene Dumas takes her inspiration somewhat unconventionally from images in newspapers, magazines and across art history, reworking familiar images into striking portraiture.

Notable portraits include the well-known faces of Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana and Naomi Campbell, while other poignant collections include tender works of the artist's children and a series of sensitive portraits of men who have been persecuted for their sexuality.

Actor and art enthusiast Russell Tovey explores her mesmerising work through the major 2015 exhibition of her career at Tate Modern, The Image as Burden.

Filmed at Tate Modern in 2015.

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